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ASMI Presents: Pianist Marvin Wolfthal
Live Concert

ASMI Presents: Pianist Marvin Wolfthal

Fri, November 13 6:00 PM, EST

Don't miss your chance to hear ASMI faculty pianist, Marvin Wolfthal. Marvin is a master interpreter and a champion of contemporary music. Take in his wealth of knowledge and brilliant analytical insights of both the classical and contemporary repertoire.

ASMI will also be hosting live masterclasses via Zoom on Nov.7-8 & 14-15 with star faculty from The Juilliard School, NEC, the Boston Symphony, Pesaro Conservatory (Italy), and SookMyung Women’s University (Korea). To learn more about this educational opportunity and to fill out an application, please visit:

The application deadline is Saturday, Oct.24th and the registration deadline is Saturday, October 31st, both at 11:59PM. All applicants must fill out the application and email it to: [email protected]

Marvin will also be offering a performance/seminar during the masterclasses where students can submit their choice of repertoire. Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Promo video:


Robert Schumann – Romanze, op. 28, No. 2
Arnold Schoenberg – Five Pieces, op. 23
Franz Schubert – Impromptu in G flat, D. 899, No. 3
Claude Debussy – La cathédrale engloutie
Frederic Chopin – Barcarolle, op. 60

The piano is a percussion instrument, yet in the works of its greatest composers, it can seem to transcend its physical limitations, just as a black and white photograph can suggest color.

The Schubert and Schumann pieces evoke the human voice, in the latter a duet. Schoenberg’s Five Pieces (of which the delicate final waltz was the first piece to be written using the 12-tone method) explores a range of instrumental color from strings and winds to the full orchestra.

In Debussy’s “sunken cathedral” we hear bells, plainchant and a full organ. Chopin’s Barcarolle, one of his last and greatest works, is a Venetian boat song sung in a gondola that travels from a tranquil canal to the open sea.


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