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The Eight Strings performing music from Pachelbel to John Williams

Sat, February 20 11:00 AM, KST

Hello everyone! This will be my first event here and I hope you will enjoy the music we play. Together with violist YooBin Lee, I formed The Eight Strings group. Together we run a Youtube channel where we play our own music arrangements of various genres, from Classical to K-Pop.


H. Wieniawski - Caprice No. 4
J. Pachelbel - Canon in D, arr. viola solo
J. Williams - Theme from motion picture 'Schindler's List'
V. Monti - Csardas
J. S. Bach - Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1, arr. viola solo
J. Hisaishi - Theme from animation movie 'Howl's moving castle'
J. Brahms - Lullaby, arr. violin, viola & kalimba
Sung Si-Kyung - 'And we go', arr. The Eight Strings
P. de Sarasate - Zigeunwerweisen
L. Cohen - Hallelujah, arr. for violin, viola & kalimba
I. Albeniz - Asturias, arr. The Eight Strings


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Sarah Armstrong, 21 days ago

What time zone is KST? and what time is this in Pacific Std Time?


Ion-Alexandru Malaimare, 21 days ago

Hi Sarah,
KST is Korea time zone. That would be 6pm PST, a day before. So the concert would be Feb 19th 6pm PST. 😁


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