This groupmuse happened on Friday, November 20, at 7:30 PM EST.

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November Guitar Classics -  Bach-Assad

November Guitar Classics - Bach-Assad

Fri, November 20, 2020 7:30 PM, EST

Join veteran Groupmuse classical guitarist Charles Mokotoff for a program of classic guitar pieces including music by Bach, Barrios, Lovelady, Assad and others. Some old and new music but all easy presented in a low key informal atmosphere.


Bach Prelude, Irish Songs and Harp solos arranged for guitar, Children's Cradle by Sergio Assad (includes the Morning Rag), Latin American favorites by Reis and Cardoso, Spanish music by Rodrigo. (All accessible and popular music for solo guitar).

Please download the full program here:

Bach: Prelude for Keyboard, Sheep may safely graze
Barrios: Sueno de la Muñequita, Maxixe, Choro da Saudade
Kaya: Miriam and Leon’s Daughters
Lovelady: The White Stone
Assad: Children’s Cradle
Reis: Xodo


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Susan Reverby


Mosa Tsay Emcee
Wendy Cheng
Wendy Hobbs
Jay Rosenberg
Barbara Cohen Itzkowitz
Tim Wechsler
Eve Mokotoff
Stu Nunnery
Christina Scroggins
Colleen Bergeron
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Alison Jasper
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