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World Premiere of Emma Lou Diemer's string trio "Happy Days"
Live Concert

World Premiere of Emma Lou Diemer's string trio "Happy Days"

Tue, December 8 7:00 PM, MST

We are excited to present a world premiere through Groupmuse of Emma Lou Diemer's Happy Days for two violins and viola. This is a wonderful and fun contribution to a genre (string trio) that is somewhat overlooked. December 8th is ColoradoGives day, which is a safe and trusted way to support nonprofits as each organization's online profile is screened by Community First Foundation to ensure specific standards of transparency. The nonprofit we will be supporting is Augustana Arts which Brio Trio has close ties to. All donations will go directly to Augustana Arts. Ms Diemer will be present, virtually, at the concert and will answer questions during the intermission.


Brio Trio String Trio-two violins, viola

E.L. Diemer Happy Days
1. Happy Days
2. Loch Lomond Passacaglia
3. Lament
4. Fugal Hoedown
A. Dvorak Terzetto
1. Introduzione
2. Larghetto
3. Scherzo
4. Tema con Variazioni


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Lynn Nestingen, Executive Director of Augustana Arts, Inc.


CJ Heck
Sharon Lee Ryder
Eric Hubler