Ways of Seeing: The String Quartet
Live Concert

Ways of Seeing: The String Quartet

Sat, March 27 7:30 PM, EDT

In the first episode of John Berger's "Ways of Seeing", he states: "tonight, it isn't so much the [classical European] paintings themselves I want to question... as the way we now see them.. because we see these paintings as nobody saw them before. If we discover why this is so we shall also discover something about ourselves and the situation in which we are living"

In his series, he would reveal the social and political systems that bore these canonical artworks as well as examine how people have been seeing these works from their inception up until the present day.

Inspired by his ambition, this concert will be taking on the quintessential classical formation: the string quartet.
But wait - there's more! We'll be playing only women composers: Florence Price, Grazyna Bacewicz, and Pauline Oliveros. We'll chat a bit (don't worry, not too much) about how their music was received then and now and what sort of barriers exist in playing the music of women who are no longer alive.

We are beyond psyched to be presenting this LIVE from the City Reliquary in Brooklyn, NY.


Grazyna Bacewicz - String Quartet No. 4
Florence Price - ‘Five Folk Songs in Counterpoint’
Pauline Oliveros - 13 Changes


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