This groupmuse happened on Saturday, March 6, at 7:30 PM EST.

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Budu's Back: Around the World
Virtual Premiere

Budu's Back: Around the World


Sat, March 6, 2021 7:30 PM, EST

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Cristian Budu, one of the world’s presiding masters of the Ivories and among Groupmuse’s deepest kin as well, has prepared for us a trip around the world from his home in Brazil.

In Cristian’s own (lightly edited, English-is-his-third-language words):

“The first half of the program centers revolutionary German composers - starting with CPE Bach - the leading light of the brief Gallant period tucked in between the ages baroque and classical. CPE Bach is not well behaved. This piece is full of surprises, full of silences. He teases the listener and he overflows with character.

Then there’s Robert Schumann, a towering German, who writes music in new way, much freer. This Arabesque is a musical expression big sound with many curves.

And then there’s Big Beethoven, THE Revolutionary. But this piece is not the Heavy Hand of Ludwig we know and love. It’s Ludwig the improviser - full of life and character and parkling colors.

The second part of the program leaves Germany to travel the world. First stop is with some Pole named Chopin, written in exile in France. It’s uncharacteristically full of anger, but in the middle, our hero finds sweet nostalgia in the tune of a Polish Christmas song. A great piece.

Then it’s France with Debussy, who takes us on a voyage of his own — starting with the Pagodas of Asia, and then on to Spain - with a piece the great Spanish composer Defalla called The Most Spanish Piece. And Debussy had never even gone! A true conjuror. The last Debussy piece lands us in his home country, with — a french child song.

And then we end in MY home country of Brazil. Villa Lobo’s takes us through the sounds and spirit of Rio de Janeiro and then on to the Northeast, where we finish our time together with a piece weaved of folk songs from the region.

Looking forward to our journey!”


This groupmuse has been unwritten by a generous patron, and all money raised will go to supporting the Groupmuse Foundation so feel free to give generously!


C. P. E. Bach - Fantasy in C, Wq 59/6

Schumann - Arabeske, op. 18

Beethoven - 7 Bagatelles, op.33
1.Andante grazioso quasi allegretto
2.Scherzo - Allegro
5.Allegro ma non troppo
6.Allegretto quasi andante

----- Intermission -----

Chopin - Scherzo nº 1, op. 20

Debussy - Estampes
2.La Soiree dans Grenade
3.Jardins sous la pluie

Villa-Lobos - Brazilian Cycle (excerpts):
Impressões Seresteiras
Festa no Sertão


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