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Ocelot Debut Album Release Show
Virtual Livestream

Ocelot Debut Album Release Show

Brooklyn, NY

Mon, March 29, 2021 8:00 PM, EDT

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Hello, my name is Yuma Uesaka, and Ocelot is a Brooklyn base improviser-composer trio I co-lead with Cat Toren and Colin Hinton.

We are beyond excited to have our debut album ( be released on 577 Records on March 26th, and we hope to share some of the music on the album with the folks here on Groupmuse!

I've played a few shows on Groupmuse (primarily with Joey Chang and Katherine Lim) and have enjoyed interacting with the audience on this platform who all have the curiosity to listen deeply to the music.

With that, here's some info about Ocelot.

Brooklyn-based trio Ocelot interweaves the patience of contemporary classical and the restless spirit of free jazz with an attention to deep listening that verges on sound sculpture. Formed in 2018, their “jazz adjacent” 2021 debut album balances insistent, cerebral minimalism with earthy melodicism, fiery nods to post-bop, and a sublime commitment to the moment honed by years of engaged improvisation.

Brad Cohan of Jazz Times called drummer/percussionist Colin Hinton’s playing “free-floating, visceral, and cerebral, all at the same time”, and he could well have been speaking about the entire group. Dynamic and empathic, the collectively-led trio of composer/improvisers also features Canadian ex-pat and JUNO Award-winning pianist Cat Toren and saxophonist/clarinettist Yuma Uesaka, “who susses out some powerful moments from his gentle lyricism” (Bird is the Worm). Leaders of their own respective ensembles and sought-after side players, presenters, and educators, the members of Ocelot have worked with Anna Webber, Ingrid Laubrock, Jon Irabagon, Tony Malaby, Eivind Opsvik, Tyshawn Sorey, and scores of other notable jazz, contemporary classical and avant-garde collaborators.

Hope to see you then,


Ocelot saxophone, piano, drums

Compositions from the album featuring:


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