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Tivon Pennicott performs original orchestral compositions from his album Spirit Garden

Fri, April 2, 2021 7:30 PM, EDT

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Hello everyone! Back in early 2019, I was minding my own business, quite content, touring and playing music all over the world with Gregory Porter. But towards the middle of the year, suddenly, elaborate melodies, lush textures and harmonies began to roam through my head unapologetically.

For some relief, I finally composed and orchestrated my new music heard in my latest album Spirit Garden, as I was very excited to bring the two worlds of jazz and classical together. I'm excited to present this music to you all live!

This is my first performance with Groupmuse and it's an honor to have 8 other world class musicians joining me. As we all begin to move forward from such a hazardous year, we are looking forward to providing a healing element through our music. See you soon!


Tivon Pennicott Saxophone

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Tivon Pennicott orchestral ensemble featuring:

Tivon Pennicott - tenor saxophone
Joe Saylor - drums
Russell Hall - bass
Benny Benack - trumpet
Yoojin Park - violin
Keiko Tokunaga - violin
Marco Sabatini - viola
Dara Hankins - cello
Johannes Felscher - double bass

Tivon Pennicott compositions:

Galatians Five Twenty Two
Bad Apple
Fermented Grapes
Celery Juice
Jump For Joy
If I May Say So Myself
Come Get Me

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Noelle Watts, 6 months ago

Congrats Tivon!!

Robert Withers, 6 months ago

Beautiful sounds Tivon, recalibrates the idea of strings with jazz.

Tivon Pennicott, 6 months ago

Venmo: @Tivonz
Cashapp: $Tivonz

Hey everyone! Thanks again for joining us for our concert! I appreciate all the generosity and hope that this music can continue to enrich you and others. If you rewatch and feel compelled to donate more, you can do so to my PayPal, Venmo or Cashapp above Thanks again! - Tivon


De'Siree N. Reeves Emcee
Benny Benack III
Kelly Green
Natalie York
Kristi Thomas
Mike Battaglia
Mosa Tsay
Lisa Eltinge
Arlene Buchanan
Tristan Pennicott
Hubert Dixon
Elizabeth LaPorte
Johannes Felscher
Anna Pennicott
Yoojin Park
Alice Nichols
Steve Brickman
Monika Pauli
Shoko Haramura
Sherry Stallings
Etsuko Tajima
Tatiana Alejandra Matos
Thomas von Gruenigen
Helaine Ciporen
Marty Brounstein
Cheri Keating
David Kalman
David Borden
Portable Recording Studio
Tyler Gillon
Adrienne Baker
Carol V Greene
Chris Mees
Melissa Galvez
David Arthur Pap
Barbara Chaapel
Scotsford Pennicott
Amy Rothberg
Amanda Rose
Steven malski
Amie Ma
Tesia Moss
Cat Henry
Jeanette Perkins
Tina E. Tanner
Mark Zitter
Davis Marceya
Roseann Press
Karen Bird
Heather Lawlor
Taylor Clay
Mini Liu
Sonia Greaves
Sarah McElman
Stephanie Grant Knauer
Carol Chave
Ilana Zaks
Emily Costa
Sheri Richardson
Ben Linder
Howard R. Spendelow
Alice Loo
Kyle Nichols-Schmolze
Anjali Banthia
Steve Payne
Dara Hankins
Christos Vayenas
Alvin Irby
Jenni Clark
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Linda Lovise Furuhaug
Christine Beason
Satoko Kumagai
Dr. Andrea E.Oliver
Maggie Crossett
Carmine Basile
Cody Henley
Richard Agudelo
Priscilla Hankins
Paul Miller
Joseph Saylor
Angelo Omari
Marva Pennicott
Ryan Reid
John McDonald
Beverly Jones
Monroe Heyman
Dorrett Buchanan
Jane Morrison
Monte Hoagland
Alex Young
Taylor Clay
Daniel MacMillan
Noelle Watts