Virtual Premiere

New York, Alone

New York

Sun, April 18, 2021 8:00 PM, EDT

75 of 100 spots still available
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Toilet with a slash through it
No bathroom at this event

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.


Jacob F. (he/him)

Hello and welcome to "New York, Alone," a special program that I got to perform in a special place. You will hear work by the downtown artists Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg, and Arthur Russell resounding among the old New York artifacts housed in the City Reliquary. It was captured in an 20x20ft room on November 20, 2020, so socially-distanced space was extremely limited, but this Muse will allow me to relive the experience with a bigger audience. I welcome all friends, colleagues, and New York romanticists. Please listen with headphones or out of speakers, if possible!

Engineered by Will Radin
Audio mixed by Aaron Wolff
Video edited by Woody Tucker

What's the music?

Philip Glass (1937-)
Songs & Poems for Solo Cello


Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)
My Sad Self

Arthur Russell (1951-1992)
Selected Songs

Being It
Soon To Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See
A Little Lost
Keeping Up
Our Last Night Together

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Katherine Kyu Hyeon L. (she/her) Emcee
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