This groupmuse happened on Thursday, April 22, at 6:50 PM CDT.

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.

Lynx Project: Amplify Series 20-21 Premieres Concert
Virtual Premiere

Lynx Project: Amplify Series 20-21 Premieres Concert


Thu, April 22, 2021 6:50 PM, CDT

100 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
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LYNX’s Amplify Series sets the poetry and prose of neurodivergent individuals to music as contemporary classical song. Amplify advocates for the voices of neurodivergent individuals, and adds important new repertoire to this classical vocal music genre. LYNX is a nonprofit art song organization that celebrates diverse voices through newly commissioned song and connects communities through inclusive concerts and innovative educational programming.

Writers whose poetry and prose is featured in this year’s musical commissions are Aiden Levy, Pablo Hernandez, Mitchell Robins, and Benjamin Smidt. These young writers are primarily non-speaking, and use alternative methods of communication including letterboarding.

The songs that feature their words include new commissions by Chicago composers Nico Gutierrez, Michelle Isaac, Liza Sobel, Pierce Gradone, and Mike McFerron, and are performed by soprano Kristina Bachrach, mezzo soprano Leah Dexter, baritone Nicholas Ward, and pianist Daniel Baer.


Kristina Bachrach Soprano
Leah Dexter Mezzo Soprano
Nicholas Ward

In the Depths by Pierce Gradone / text by Benjamin Smidt

I Love You by Liza Sobel Crane / text by Mitchell Robins

Hope! by Michelle Isaac / text by Benjamin Smidt

I. Trapped
II. Faith
III. Hopeful
IV. Freed
V. Beauty

Weather Songs by Mike McFerron / text by Aiden Levy
What is in a Wind Sound
The Clouds were Piling

Having Words That Learn to Fit by Nico Gutierrez / text by Pablo Hernandez
Nighttime Meeting by Nico Gutierrez / text by Pablo Hernandez
Have a Happy Mind by Nico Gutierrez / text by Pablo Hernandez


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Steven Humes, almost 2 years ago

Truly excited for this event!

Caitleen Kahn, almost 2 years ago

6:50-7:05PM CDT pre-concert Zoom hosted by Groupmuse. Tune in to meet the performers and composers!

7:05PM CDT concert stream begins

8:10pm CDT concert finishes and we return to Zoom for a post-concert virtual celebration!

Caitleen Kahn, almost 2 years ago

You can view the program for tonight's event at this link:

Caitleen Kahn, almost 2 years ago

Thank you to all who attended this event! We were so grateful to have the opportunity to share this music with you. To help us continue this work, please fill out our short survey here:
Thank you!


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