This groupmuse happened on Saturday, April 17, at 7:30 PM -03.

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A virtual oboe concert solo with orchestra and tai chi chuan performer

A virtual oboe concert solo with orchestra and tai chi chuan performer

Sat, April 17, 2021 7:30 PM, -03

Hi hope you can join American- Brazilian oboist and composer Harokd Emert for a unique virtual concert featuring solo works, concertos with orchestra and even a Tai Chi Chuan performer-dancer


Harold Emert, oboe Oboe And English Horn
Amanda Hoffmann Tai Chi Performer

Morricone: Gabriel' s oboe( with orchestra)
Francisco Mignone: The Brazilian song( Modinha) which Villa Lobos never wrote
Harold Emert : Work for English horn and Tai Chi performer
Cartola: The Roses Dont Speak (for solo oboe)
Mignone: Valsinha/ Little Waltz ( oboe solo)
Cimarosa : Concerto for oboe and orchestra


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Harold Emert, 8 months ago

Tai Chi performer Amanda Hoffmann will "perform" to my work for English horn as part of the program and youth orchestras from Niteroi ,Rio de Janeiro state accompany me.My Mignone adaptions for solo oboe are all from great Brazil composer´s piano works and Cartola is a famous popular composer in Brazil.I believe my virtual program is a unique recital for oboe.

Harold Emert, oboe, 8 months ago

Amanda Hoffmann, who teaches Tai Chi in Rio de Janeiro,has initiated locally what she calls Tai Chi performance.Her choreography and performance to my English horn, are inspired by Tai Chi movemrnts.Her performance is part of my virtual concert for oboe, english horn solo and with orchestra.

Harold Emert, oboe, 7 months ago

Ready for a repeat performance
[email protected]


Simon Linn-Gerstein Emcee
Natalia Hoffmann
Ligia Fátima Mella
Jacob Picheny
Mateen Thobani
Amy Gillick
Suzanne Scollon
Barbara Stover
Jim Kappeler
Oniles Jerônima Rocha Firmiano Cruz
Eliane Cid