The Rhythm Method: Hidden Mothers
Virtual Premiere

The Rhythm Method: Hidden Mothers

New York City, NY

Tue, August 10, 2021 8:00 PM, EDT

90 of 100 spots still available
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This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.


We are so excited to stream one of our favorite programs, Hidden Mothers, which features a wide variety of works by historical female composers who we're working to bring into the public eye through research, performance, and recording - plus one piece by our very own Leah Asher, based around a classic suffragette song! We think these pieces are some of the most beautiful quartets we play, and we hope you will enjoy them too.

The Rhythm Method

What's the music?

The Rhythm Method String Quartet

Elizabeth Maconchy String Quartet no. 3 (1938)
Florence Price String Quartet in G (1929)
Leah Asher Shoulder to Shoulder (2018)
Amanda Maier-Rontgen String Quartet in A Major (1880)


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James J. Emcee
Dara H.
Joan F.
Rebecca A.
Erin G.
Albert W.
Michaelene G.