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This groupmuse happened on Sunday, January 23, at 3:00 PM CST.

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.

Holiday concert of sacred music
Virtual Premiere

Holiday concert of sacred music


Sun, January 23, 2022 3:00 PM, CST

80 of 100 spots still available
No COVID-19 restrictions
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
No bathroom at this event

Dear friends, Happy new year 2022! 🎄🎊
Join us on Sunday, January the 23th, at 3 pm CST, 4 pm(NY) for an unforgettable musical journey as soprano Natalia Pavlova,  guitarist Alessandro Danieli and organist Alessandra Ciccaglioni will draw you into a world of sacred vocal and organ music from Italian, German and English baroque music to the 20th century.
In the program there is  rares Italian arias by Rossi, Caccini, Frescobaldi, Monteverdi, Legrenzi, Merula, as well us music of Handel, Bach and Manuel De Falla's song .

This performance will be broadcast in HD resolution from the beautiful historical Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori in the center of Rome—a titular church dedicated to cardinal priest St. Alfonso, it is one of the rare examples of neo-Gothic architecture and one of the last papal churches in Rome. Below the mosaic hangs the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, known throughout the world, which was produced in Crete in the 14th century

What's the music?

Alessandra Ciccaglioni Organ
Alessandro Danieli Guitar

Rossi Passacalia (organ)
Rossi "Io li vedo, o lumi"
Caccini "Ferre selvagge"
Caccini "Amarilli"
Frescobaldi (Organ solo)
Frescobaldi "Se l'aura spira"
Monteverdi "Si dolce è il tormento"
Legrenzi "Lumi potete piangere"
Merula "Canzonetta spirituale sopra nana"
Bach Giga dalla suite BWV 997
Handel "Lascia la spina"
Handel "Ombra mai fu"
Manuel De Falla "Nana"

Full translation of vocal peaces :
ROSSI "Io lo vedo, o luci belle "
I see it, o beautiful light,  but I cannot help to my heat, but follow my star and  my stars of her eyes...

Wild nymphs, that  run through  mountains, stop the foot  in this long beach, hear my lament that sometimes out of pity has stopped the wind: Beautiful Fillida doesn't love me....

CACCINI "Amarilli"
My lovely Amaryllis,
Don’t you know, O my heart's sweet desire,
That it is you whom I love?
Believe in my love; and if fear besets you,
Don’t doubt that it’s true.
Open my breast and see written on my heart:
Amaryllis,  is my love

G FRESCOBALDI "Se l'aura spira"
When the graceful breeze blows,
The fresh rose laughs
And the shady hedge of emerald green
Has no fear of the summer heat.
Come delight in the dance,
Nature's fair maidens, flowers of beauty,
While the clear stream
Flows from the mountain to the sea.
Such sweet verses spread from bird to bird
Bringing the sappling to flower.
A beautiful face in the nearby shade
Alone exalts in displaying compassion.
With your song, sweet maidens,
Drive away the winds of cruelty

MONTEVERDI "Si dolce è il tormento"
So sweet is the torment that lies in my heart,
that I live happily from its cruel beauty...
in Heaven's beauty fierce pride may grow bold without pity
but always my faith will be a rock against that wave of pride

May false hope turn back from me
may neither delight nor peace descend upon me
and the cruel woman I adore deny me merciful relief;
amidst infinite pain, amidst broken hope, my faith shall survive...

(From fire and ice I will find no repose;
only at the gate of Heaven shall I find repose...
should the deadly strike of an arrow injure my heart,
my heart shall heal by changing my lot with that [same] arrow of death)

LEGRENZI "Lumi, potete piangere"

Gods, you can cry
you can cry
You will not laugh anymore
The heart, which was happy
In duol you feel yourself breaking
Heavens, you can cry...

TARQUINIO MERULA "Canzona spirituale sopra una nanna"
"Spiritual Lullaby "
Now that it is time to sleep,
Sleep my darling and don't cry,
For a time will come when you need to cry.
So, my darling, my heart, fa la ninna na.

Close those delightful eyes
Like the other children do
Because swift, dark veils
Will soon hide the light of heaven.
So, my darling, my heart, fa la ninna na.

G F HANDEL "Lascia la spina" (from Oratory "The triumph of the time and the truth")
Leave the thorn,
gather the rose;
you go looking for
your pain.

G F HANDEL "Ombra mai fu" (from opera "Xerxes")
Tender and beautiful fronds
of my beloved plane tree,
let Fate smile upon you.
May thunder, lightning, and storms
never disturb your dear peace,
nor may you by blowing winds be profaned.
Never was a shade
of any plant
dearer and more lovely,
or more sweet.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
sleep my soul,
sleep, little star
of my morning!


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Natalia P., over 1 year ago

Dear friends, during the concert I  speak in Italian:

at the beginning I introduce the participants and the program,
saying, that we have put together the peaces for the organ /voice and guitar /voice of the same composers, and after that 2 peaces by Legrenzi e Merula for the trio (organ, guitar and voice)
the first part of the program is :
Rossi Passacalia (organ)
Rossi "Io li vedo, o lumi" (organ, voice)
Caccini "Ferre selvagge"(organ, voice)
Caccini "Amarilli"(guitar, voice)
Frescobaldi Prelude (organ )
Frescobaldi "Se l'aura spira" (guitar, voice)
Monteverdi "Si dolce è il tormento"(guitar, voice)
Legrenzi "Lumi potete piangere"(guitar, organ, voice)
Merula "Canzonetta spirituale sopra nana"(guitar, organ, voice)

Then halfway through the concert I announce the second part of the concert:
Bach Giga dalla suite BWV 997 (guitar)
Handel "Lascia la spina"(guitar, voice)
Handel "Ombra mai fu"(guitar, voice)
Manuel De Falla "Nana"(guitar, voice)

Enjoy the concert!

Natalia P., over 1 year ago

Dear Friends, you can also read all translations of all vocal pieces in the section Program - show full program!
See you soon!

Jeanine C., over 1 year ago

Very lovely- my husband have enjoyed your three concerts very much, the beauty of your voice and of the settings. Thank you

Natalia P., over 1 year ago

Dear Friends, thank you so much for coming, I was very happy to see you! Looking forward to perform for you in next month!
Warm wishes and take care!


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