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Introducing MuseDAO!
Virtual Discussion

Introducing MuseDAO!

New York

Wed, January 12, 2022 3:00 PM, EST

1000 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks

Join us for the first of an ongoing weekly series that introduces the Groupmuse musician community to MuseDAO, a new blockchain initiative designed to offer unprecedented potential to revolutionize the way in which value is generated and distributed among artists in the classical music community and beyond.

In this initial session Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin and Christos Vayenas will introduce us to the vision behind MuseDAO, as well as the immediate financial opportunities it offers Groupmuse musicians upon launch, tentatively scheduled for mid February.

To learn more about MuseDAO, visit:

We hope you will join us!

PS— This will be an info session to prepare musicians for the upcoming launch. It is not a forum to debate the merits of blockchain, so please come with an open mind and a readiness to learn!


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Kiyoshi Hayashi Emcee
Lindsay Brownell
Wendy Solomon
Audrey Vardanega
Eliot Jenkins
Connie Philipp
Jae Cosmos Lee
Denise Saddler
Daniel Orsen
Su Yin Chan
Marvin Wolfthal
Mosa Tsay Groupmuse Superhost
Dimitris Kotronakis
Gabriel Castillo
Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim Groupmuse Superhost
James Jaffe
Alisa Rose
Danny Zahl
Stanley Lacy
Mansi Shah
Jennie DeLuca Legary
Aviad Meitar
Susan R Lin
Eric Silberger
Mélanie Clapiès
Drew Alexander Forde
Rich Johnson
Martin Davids
Pauline Kim Harris
Ben Linder Groupmuse Superhost
Dinah Bodkin
Benjamin Ellis
Multicultural Arts Exchange
Mia Theodoratus
Leena Batra
Waleed Salaheldin
Cameron Morris
Andrew Oswinkle
Nick Dinnerstein
Elizabeth Vagenas
Solomon Rakhman
J Alexander Bodkin
Jeff Stern
Patrice leonetti
Natalie Buickians
Sherwin Basil
Howard R. Spendelow
Dave McLellan
Ekaterina Kotcherguina
Daniel Hass
Sein An
Seychelle Dunn-Corbin
Mark Anderson
Kevin Lee
Thomas Giles
Kay Yeh
Geisa Dutra
Vartan Mailiantz
Felipe Garibaldi
Gina Gulyas
Aviva Chertok
Lawrence Barley
Philip Sheegog
John W. Warren
Anna Arazi
Ghenadie Rotari
Edita Biliute
Alan Toda-Ambaras
Taryn Lee

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