Barocco a Venezia part 2
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Barocco a Venezia part 2


Sun, May 1, 2022 3:00 PM, EDT

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Dear Friends,
Natalia Pavlova and Ensemble Opus Posth (Academy of Early music) would love to share with you online concert BAROCCO A VENEZIA PART 2, wich will be broadcast on Sunday, May the 1st at 3 pm (NY)

In the program called BAROCCO A VENEZIA - PART 2, some treasures from repertories of Baroque music from FRIULI (region of Venice) , pieces of Antonio Vivaldi and Pietro Alessandro Pavona. In this concert you can compare secular music with sacred music of the same period ...

The ensemble Opus-Posth was formed in 1999 from the Academy of Ancient Music, a well-known orchestra founded by Tatiana Grindenko.

we are looking forward to perform for you!
Warm wishes,
Natalia Pavlova & Opus Posth Ensemble

What's the music?

Antonio Vivaldi "Vengo a voi, luci adorati" (cantata for voice and orchestra)
Antonio Vivaldi "Sento in seno" (arr. by Giovanni Sollima) from "Il Giustino"
Pietro Alessandro Pavona "Regina Coeli"(cantata for voice and orchestra)

All texts, translated into English :
Antonio Vivaldi "Vengo a voi, luci adorati.."
"I come to you adored lights!"

I come to you, adored lights
To give respite from so many woes,
And come back to adore you.
Despite you being so ungrateful,
I won’t stop loving you.
I come to you, adored lights...

Bringing in my chest the ardour
That you lit in my one day,
A loyal idolater, I come back to you.
But, if you were merciful,
You do not give respite to my huge fire,
Give me at least death:
Because it is too intolerable to be a martyr
To live in the fire and not be able to die.

2 part
Without suffering
Without hope
It’s a great torment,
Tyrant eyes.
It’s worth hoping
From the relentlessness
Just one moment
Between so many troubles.
Always suffering

Antonio Vivaldi "Sento in seno"
"I feel in my heart that in a shower of tears..."
I feel in my heart thar in a shower of tears,
washes away my heart’s true love.
But, my heart, forget how to cry,
as your crying does not lessen my pain.

Pietro Pavona "Regina Coeli"
Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia.
For He whom thou wast worthy to bear, alleluia.
Part 2
Hath risen, as He said, alleluia.
Pray for us to God,
Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary,
3 part.

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