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Leave the Thorn, take the Rose: G F Händel in Concert
Virtual Premiere

Leave the Thorn, take the Rose: G F Händel in Concert


Sun, June 5, 2022 3:00 PM, EDT

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Dear Friends,

Join us on Sunday, June the 5th, at 3 pm (NY) for an unforgettable musical journey of the concert "Leave the Thorn, take the Rose: G. F. Händel in Concert", as soprano Natalia Pavlova and the Opus Posth Ensemble will draw you into a world of vocal and instrumental Baroque music in Italian style of George Friedrich Händel.
Handel spent the years 1706–10 traveling in Italy, where he met many of the greatest Italian musicians of the day, including Arcangelo Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti and his son Domenico. He composed many works in Italy, including two operas, numerous Italian solo cantatas and Oratory. So in this program we will perform some of them, more rares and beautiful:  cantata "Ah! Crudel..", aria "Lascia la spina" ("Leave the Thorn" ) from oratory "The Triumph of the Time and the Truth" as well us Concerto grosso for the orchestra.

Opus Posth orchestra, directed by great violinist Tatiana Grindenko, is Ensemble specializing on ancient and contemporary music.
The ensemble`s work is based on the concept, wich reflected in the very name of the ensemble – Opus-Posth.Today the words opus posth mean something greater than just a posthumous publication – they are connected with a new kind of music that appeared in the era of Postmodernism

we are looking forward to perform for you!
Warm wishes,
Natalia Pavlova & Opus Posth Ensemble


George Friedrich Händel "Concerto grosso" d moll, the 4th movement - Allegro

George Friedrich Händel "Lascia la spina" ("Leave the Thorn") from the oratory "The triumph of the Time and the Truth"

George Friedrich Händel - cantata "Ah! Crudel" in 3 parts with 2 recitativs
1."Ah! Crudel"
Recitativ "Non sdegnerai d'amar"
2."Del tuo ben, che al ciel ti diede"
Recitativ "Balena il cielo"
3."Per trofei di mia costanza"

Full text :
1.Ah! cruel, in my tears,
which is of clear water,
one day mirror your vague rai.
In gazing so many pains of mine,
perhaps you will change
and you will not disdain to love.

You will not disdain to love whoever loves you so much, and loves you so much, because Love resides in your face, where he placed my destiny, for which I suffer a thousand sighs and pains; but pains, but sighs that glory in the constant core, aim at your beauty, sign for rigor.

Of that beauty that heaven gave you
my faith is not less vague,
that each becomes stronger.
You use me, I trust you, I love you,
and of your rigor I call
equal honor my spene.

For trophies of my constancy
hope beckons me
for me to look at your rigors.
And he tells me: suffer, or heart!
that then your pains will be happy.


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Natalia Pavlova, 8 months ago

Dear Friends, thank you so much, I was so happy to perform for you
on my Birthday and see you after in Zoom ! Wish so much luck and love!
See you on my next events!


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