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Sun, November 6, 2022 3:00 PM, EST

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Dear Friends,

Join us on Sunday, November the 6th, at 3 pm (NY) for an unforgettable musical journey of the concert "Salve Regina", as soprano Natalia Pavlova and organist Alessandra Ciccaglioni will draw you into a world of sacred vocal and organ music from Italian yearly music, baroque, classical and romantic music, to the 20th century.
In the program there are rares arias by Monteverdi "Salve Regina", Magnificat of Alessandro Scarlatti, "Frescobalda" for organo solo by Frescobaldi, as well as sacred music by Bach - Gounod, Verdi, Nino Rota, Saint-Saens, Iraida Yusupova and the aria "Hymn to Mary", also created by a women, Miss Mel Bonis, a composer from France.

This performance will be broadcast from the beautiful historical titular Church of St. Francis a Ripa (1231) in the center of Rome, quarter Trastevere — a church, dedicated to Francis of Assisi, who once stayed at the adjacent convent, which is related to the origins of this church. (The term Ripa refers to the nearby riverbank of the Tiber.) Inside of this church there is the original room, where St Francis stayed during his time living in Rome, and many masterpieces, such as "Blessed Ludovica Albertoni" by Bernini, "Annunciation" by Francesco Saviati; there is also a tomb of De Chirico, a famous Italian painter of 20th century, who lived near Trastevere....

We are looking forward to performing for you!
Warm wishes
Natalia Pavlova, Alessandra Ciccaglioni

Natalia Pavlova's next event, the premier of the 3rd part of the trilogy Sulla perfetta letizia (To the perfect Joy) entitled "Magnificat", will be on December the 11th. You can find the link for that event here:


Alessandra Ciccaglioni

Monteverdi: Salve Regina
Scarlatti: Magnificat
Frescobaldi: Frescobalda
Haendel: Achsah from Joshua
Bach - Guinod : Ave Maria
Saint Saens: Ave Maria
Mel Bonis: Allons prier
Verdi: Ave Maria
Rota: Salve Regina
Yusupova: Salve dolce Vergine


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Natalia Pavlova, 3 months ago

Dear Friends, we are looking forward to perform for you today!

And we are excited to present the next event on December the 11th - 'Magnificat'
the final film of the three-part trilogy 'Sulla Perfetta Letizia' (To the Perfect Joy) featuring soprano Natalia Pavlova in collaboration with Giovanni Sollima and an international cast of the other renowned artists.

The first two parts of the series - 'Roma Verso la Luce' (dir. Alessandro Rossellini) and 'Roma Verso la Pace' (dir. Zeno Colantoni) were filmed in Rome in 2021 and February of 2022.

Keep in touch!


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