Complete Bach Preludes from the Well-Tempered Klavier Book 1 | Magnus Villanueva

Complete Bach Preludes from the Well-Tempered Klavier Book 1 | Magnus Villanueva

Prospect Heights

Fri, November 3, 2023 7:00 PM, EDT

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We are excited to host an evening of music performed by pianist Magnus Villanueva. This concert will present the complete Preludes from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1.

7:00pm - Doors open
7:30pm - Concert

A4 Collective is dedicated to bringing people together through classical music and the piano. Recognizing the value of building communities, we strive to be a space beyond the pendulum of work and home, where people can meet, exchange ideas and grow through the context of music. Driven by the belief that music is meant to be shared, we welcome you.

Since our founding in 2022 we have hosted over 30 events ranging from public performances to sight-reading gatherings for musicians, as well as classes on piano mechanics. We also host events of other organizations such as the Brooklyn Classical Guitar Society and the Brooklyn Accordion Club.

What A4 means

A4 is the note A above middle C on the piano, also known as A 440 Hz. When musicians play together, A4 is matched on all instruments so everyone is in tune with each other. Being in tune requires one’s attention and ability to listen to others, which resonates with our mission to open discussions between the music, the performers and the audience.

What's the music?

Bach's collection of Preludes is monumental to the piano repertoire spanning every tonal key. Unlike traditional practices of performing these pieces, they will be performed in an unplanned order with the audience playing a major role in the selection. The context of each individual prelude within the entire set will result in spontaneous decisions about tempo, musicality, and emotion.


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