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Lisa & Jonathan's Music Melange #4 - Travel the Silk Road Tapestry of Music
Living room

Lisa & Jonathan's Music Melange #4 - Travel the Silk Road Tapestry of Music

Noe Valley, SF

Sat, December 9, 2023 7:00 PM, PST

Pay the musicians
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided
Dogs and cats live here
Wheelchair access
Not wheelchair accessible

This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Persian, Indian, Greek & Turkish traditional music weaving their common threads -- Pulsating familiar rhythms from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean!

Leader Maz Karandish is a delightfully captivating host who promises to close out the night with a bit of electronic infusion.

Check it out here:

Strings - Sitar, Oud & Laouto
Drums - Tabla, Tombak & Darbuka
Wind - Ney

DONYA REEZA TRIO (Delight and Rejoicing in Persian)

Members' Bios:
Maz Karandish is a well traveled vocalist & multi-instrumentalist who covers ground from Indian Rāga, Arabic Maqām, and Persian Dastgāh to Jazz and Opera -- he feels deeply connected to the ancient musical traditions of the East he began learning from a very young age.
As an ethnomusicologist & practicing psychologist, he recognizes that people have an easier time engaging with unfamiliar music when it’s integrated with familiar rhythmic and sonic environments - thus his vision of preserving cultural music through fusion-oriented avenues!

Alexander Karvelas is an ethnomusicologist, researcher, educator and performer who recently earned his PhD from the UC Santa Barbara, where he studied the modal traditions of the Middle East, Central Asia, and India. His studies focused on music's role in cultural and political formations.

Josh Mellinger is a multi-instrumental percussionist. He received his BFA in Percussion Performance at CalArts and is a currently pursuing Tabla studies with the esteemed Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri at Ali Akibar College of Music. He has performed in several theatrical productions.

What's the music?

Come and see!


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