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This groupmuse happened on Friday, December 15, at 6:00 PM EST.
Stone Circle Theatre, Inc. Presents: WAKE!
Groupmuse Night Out

Stone Circle Theatre, Inc. Presents: WAKE!

Stone Circle Theatre

Fri, December 15, 2023 6:00 PM, EST
(Ticket sales closed Dec 15, 6:00 AM EST)

Pay what you can
97 of 100 tickets still available
Vaccine policy
COVID vaccine not required
Testing policy
COVID testing not required
This is an indoor event
Mask policy
Masks are not required
If you feel sick, stay home
Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair Accessible
Kid-friendly event

This is a Groupmuse Night Out

Explore the wider world of music outside Groupmuse with exclusive discounts to local concerts.

Head on over to Queens for an evening showcase chock full to the brim with NYC based poets, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and artists.

Tickets are selling for $25 a pop, but we've got them for only $10 for our Groupmuse community members. This will be a totally atypical Night Out; a mixture of all the arts we hold dear, with 6 HOURS of programming that you can come and go for as you please. Check out the program listed below for more details on the individual sessions.

Groupmuse ticket buyers are instructed to pick up their tickets at the will call table in the entrance. There is no assigned seating.

A programmatic description provided by Stone Circle Theatre:

The word WAKE, with its varied meanings and etymologies, forms the poetic knot and the heart of this event. In one sense, we encounter a word meaning alertness or holding vigil, and in another, the artifacts trailing behind a person or idea.

WAKE! is inspired by the work of the late founder and co-founder of Issue Project Room, Suzanne Fiol and Dana Maisel. As curators, their devotion to a diverse and multi-generational space, promoted an ever-broadening sense of community. A community that, when reaching a limit, strived to dissolve divisions by the undefinable, yet no less powerful, rituals of experimental art making.

Our event draws direct inspiration from the Poet’s Dinners, organized by Dana Maisel, which were celebrated in conjunction with the 2005-2006 literary season New Language. These dinners brought poets and audience members together “to converse and inspire, [where] all are welcomed to come and feast”. And Ruminations (2006), an evening of poetry and sound that assures us that “Yes there are eternal things to fight for”.

The scale of this event means to blur the lines between individual contributions, artists, and audience. It begs us to ask: Can we feel the presence of silenced voices? Do past actions reverberate into the present? What is my offering? Through this lens, anonymity is not the loss of self but the acknowledgement of things unseen in our daily lives. It is a recognition of real and imagined pasts interacting through living artists, and projecting future worlds, hazy-edged and eternally out of focus.

What's the music?

Block 1 (6-7pm)
Student Ensemble from The New School
-Music by the Ronan Mckinnon Ensemble
-Music by the Julie Kim Ensemble
-Music by the Kal Ferretti & Conner Sondergeld Duo

Block 2 (7-8pm)
-Film by Leo Hardman-Hill
-Film by Frances Arapia with a live score by the Diaphanous Ensemble: Aimee Niemann & Che Buford
-Reading by Heather Lynn Johnson

Block 3 (8-9pm)
-Readings of work by Dana Maisel
-Music/Reading by Eloquent Vulgar: Steve Long & Kalli Mathios
-Music by Eternities: Bob Bellerue & Katie Porter

Block 4 (9-10pm)
-Reading by Precious Okoyomon
-Music by Anthony Coleman & Special Guest
-Music by Nepenthae: Zach Layton & Henry Fraser

Block 5 (10-11pm)
-Reading/Music by River Ramirez
-Music by Tavis: Travis Bliss, Jon Starks, Andres Abenante, Priya Carlberg, Alex Quinn, Shane Simpson
-Music by Zach Paul with Jerimiah Cymerman & members of the Brooklyn Chamber Players

Block 6 (11pm-12am)
-Music by Abbate/Selin Duo: Concetta Abbate & Hannah Selin
-Multimedia Performance by Peter BD & Gabby Beans, Goddess Earth, Noel Heroux, Jessica Zambri.
-Closing Statements


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