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This groupmuse happened on Sunday, February 25, at 3:00 PM EST.
Parlando Presents: Transient Voices
Groupmuse Night Out

Parlando Presents: Transient Voices

Merkin Hall

Sun, February 25, 2024 3:00 PM, EST
(Ticket sales closed Feb 25, 3:00 AM EST)

Pay what you can
33 of 50 tickets still available
No COVID-19 restrictions
Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair Accessible

This is a Groupmuse Night Out

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Our premier Presenting Partner Parlando really gets classical music in the same way that we do here at Groupmuse. How?

Just as you've come to expect at every Groupmuse house concert, Parlando provides the musical and historical context to prepare every audience member for the music they are about to hear. Through short introductions to each piece, Parlando bridges the gap between audience and performer, creating an intimate, accessible orchestral experience.

Every Parlando program has a theme and contains a blend of new, underrepresented, and standard works. By connecting each piece through a shared theme, the concert becomes a story, and the audience is able to carry the experience from one piece to the next. Parlando strives to leave every audience member knowing more about classical music than when they walked in.

So for their upcoming concert, they've titled Transient Voices, the focus is on this:

"How can music grab on to something as it slips away? Join Parlando as it explores how music captures the ephemeral, from the memory of home, to nature, or to life itself. Works include Aida Shirazi’s mystical Umbra and Dmitri Shostakovich’s deeply evocative Symphony No. 14, featuring Irina Rindzuner and Mikhail Svetlov.

Tickets for our Groupmuse community are HALF OFF: available for only $12 a pop (and even cheaper for Supermusers).

Ticket buyers are instructed to pick up their tickets at the Merkin Hall Box Office prior to the concert's start time. Groups wishing to sit together should purchase tickets under a single reservation.

What's the music?

Irina Rindzuner Voice
Mikhail Svetlov Voice


Irina Rindzuner, soprano
Mikhail Svetlov, bass-baritone


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