Arts Extravaganza in Williamsburg

Arts Extravaganza in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Fri, May 8, 2015 8:30 PM, EDT

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Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Toilet with a slash through it
No bathroom at this event

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.


Groupmuse is pairing up with Immersive Gallery to produce a fantastically full night of arts performances: we'll have a string quartet, solo piano and dance pieces choreographed by Chien-Hwe/1ooo virtues, and a powerful piano quintet to end on. This event features some of our oldest and most cherished musicians; the pianist is even making the trip in from Berlin!

Before the groupmuse starts, you'll have the option to check out the installation Holographic Chameleon. After the groupmuse, there will be an Open Brain arts sharing circle where you can contribute spoken word poetry, readings, songs, or anything you would like. All are encouraged and welcome to stick around and participate, and we're looking forward to seeing what people have to share!

There will be a bar set up with cheap drinks to purchase. Immersive Gallery is located right off of the Bedford Ave. stop on the L.

What's the music?

Yannick Rafalimanana Piano And Melodica
Born Lau Viola
YuEun Kim Violin
Zenas Hsu Violin

Selections from:
Mozart String Quartet K. 387
Ravel String Quartet
with the Zaffre String Quartet

-- break --

Solo piano with Dancers
Chopin nocturne op.9 n.2 in E flat major
Chopin Etude n.12 op 10 " Revolutionary" 
Beethoven Sonata n.8 op.13 " Pathetic" , 2nd mvt

Dvorak Piano Quintet (selections)

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