This groupmuse happened on Saturday, April 2, at 7:30 PM EDT.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

Transition Behavior World Premiere: A Shattered Glass Massivemuse From The Crypt!

Transition Behavior World Premiere: A Shattered Glass Massivemuse From The Crypt!

Sat, April 2, 2016 7:30 PM, EDT

Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21

*FREE event to those that backed the Groupmuse Kickstarter campaign

Shattered Glass invites you to experience stunning new music and a classic masterpiece in the mysterious Crypt at the Church of the Intercession! Explore the hidden depths of this 100 year old historic edifice and settle in for an exciting performance. You'll be in on the ground floor (well, under-ground floor!) for the world premiere performance of Transition Behavior by Pascal LeBoeuf. The night continues with Chaâbi by Tarik O'Regan and concludes with Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de Florence arranged by Shattered Glass.

You're welcome to bring a bottle of wine to share (sorry craft beer fam, per the Church's request wine only!), but make sure to bring extra in case the spirits of the Crypt get thirsty...


Shattered Glass String Ensemble

Pascal Le Boeuf // Transition Behavior (world premiere)
Tarik O'Regan // Chaâbi
P.I. Tchaikovsky // Souvenir de Florence (arr. Shattered Glass)


Church of the Intercession, 550 W 155th St, New York, NY 10032, United States
Apt: The Crypt at the Church of the Intercession


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Sarah Cascone, about 6 years ago

I'll be in Boston that night but please keep me on your list for future events, especially at the crypt. Such a cool venue and of course you guys are fantastic! Next time, I hope!

Michael Davis, about 6 years ago

Hey Sarah, we really wish you could be there! Thanks for the good wishes and we will keep you in the loop for future events.

Edward Martin, about 6 years ago

I remember the last time I saw Shattered Glass in the Crypt -- an unforgettable experience!
I may or may not be in town that weekend, but will definitely attend if I am! Any idea how kickstarter backers get free tix?

Max Jacob, about 6 years ago

Hey Teddy!
We really hope you end up being in town! Groupmuse will send out an email at a certain point informing backers about how to reserve their spot at this event. In the mean time save the date if you can!!! :)

Michael Davis, about 6 years ago

Hi everyone! We're really looking forward to tonight's jam, here's a few details to help everyone have a very chill evening.
1. Bring Your Own Wine, no beer or other stuff, as per the church's request. Also bring cups! We don't want anyone to have to drink straight from the bottle tonight, lets keep it classy.
2. The entrance to the venue is on 155th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. There will be signage to guide you in.
3. Have FUUUNNN!!!!!!
<3 SG

[email protected], about 6 years ago

Is there a wait list? Would love to attend!

[email protected], about 6 years ago

Will there be tickets at the doors?

Michael Davis, about 6 years ago

Unfortunately at this point we are totally sold out and don't have room for anyone else, but I will keep you in the loop if we have any cancellations.

Kate Brassel, about 6 years ago

This was absolutely transporting.
Thank you, Shattered Glass and Emily.

Lachlan Glen, about 6 years ago

AMAZING night!!!

Emily Chiappinelli, about 6 years ago

Beautiful program in a beautiful space. Thanks forever to Shattered Glass, and for the two composers for sharing their pieces with us! Can't wait to hear the recorded versions!

Eowyn Driscoll, about 6 years ago

Great event!

Laura Marie, about 6 years ago

A wonderful evening listening to Shattered Glass. Good luck in Indiana and Iowa!

Dennis Lin, about 6 years ago

Great job to the host Groupmuse, the Shattered Glass ensemble, and the composers for coming to explain their pieces!

Lee Krugman, about 6 years ago

Thanks to both the Church for allowing us into such a special space and thanks to the musicians for a great evening of music


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