This groupmuse happened on Friday, October 14, at 7:00 PM EDT.

This is an in-person Groupmuse Concert

A live in-person performance in a living room or private space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.

Just Meet a Girl Named Maria
In-person Concert

Just Meet a Girl Named Maria

Lincoln Square, New York

Fri, October 14, 2016 7:00 PM, EDT

30 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21


[account deleted]

An Upper West Side Story

The most beautiful sound I've ever heard...
A string quartet in Maria's apartment!
A Groupmuse! Say it proud, there'll be music playing!
They'll play soft, maybe almost like rain.
A Groupmuse—just come, meet a girl named Maria!

I'll feel pretty, you'll feel pretty
Bring a drink and we'll clink while they play!
And we'll pity anyone who isn't there that day.
I'll be charming, you'll be charming
Bring me please wine & cheese—and Beethoven!
And some Haydn. Don't be hiding, just come on in!

When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way
From your first string quartet to the last song they play!
When at a groupmuse, you should please bring along
Some good snacks or some booze and $$ for the song!

There's a place for us. Somewhere, a place for us.
(near 72nd St. stop on the 1,2,3)
Song and food and too few chairs wait for us right there!
There's a time for us. Some day, a time for us.
Time together (7pm) and time for tunes (7:45pm)
Time to learn, time so soon.
This place, this time—be there.


Mosa Tsay Cello
Colin Laursen Violin
Bethany Hargreaves Viola

Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher?

He was Haydn.

Joseph Haydn
...String Quartet Op. 20 ("Sun"), No. 5 in F Minor (1772)
I. Allegro moderato
II. Menuetto - Trio
III. Adagio
IV. Finale. Fuga a 2 soggetti
(Dedicated to Prince Nikolaus Zmeskall von Domanovecz)

Paired with a quartet by another string quartet heavyhitter:
Ludwig van Beethoven
...String Quartet Op. 18 No. 1 in F Major (1798-1800)
I. Allegro con brio
II. Adagio affetuoso ed appassionato
III. Scherzo: Allegro molto
IV. Allegro


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Bill Pollack, over 5 years ago

Wonderful music in a friendly, intimate setting. What more could one asks?

Mosa Tsay, over 5 years ago

Thanks all for coming, and thanks Maria for hosting! Our quartet will be performing at a few more groupmuses this fall, but if you're able to host us, please feel free to let me know. Have a great Monday!


Alec Signorino
Samantha Clemente
Dawei Qian
Edward Sien
Rowan McDonald
Lluis de Nadal
Bonny Headley
Oscar Jimenez
Steven Miller
Shoko Tsuruga
David Gershon
Bill Pollack