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The Fundamentals

  • Drinks
    Drinking? Bring your own!

    Hosts don't provide drinks. Please drink responsibly and moderately.

  • Shirt
    Dress casually
    Concert garb isn't necessary; just dress like you!
  • Arrive on time
    Then meet some new people for 30-60 minutes before the music starts.
  • Listen actively
    Be present! If you're going to take a picture, do it quickly and put your phone away.
  • Pay the musicians
    $10 is our minimum, but please pay what you can. Double that (or five times!) means a lot to working artists.
  • Leave on time
    Be sensitive to your host and plan to leave within an hour of the music ending.

Our Culture

  • Wave
    Say hi to strangers
    Groupmuse is about more than music: we want to build real communities.
  • Be respectful
    Treat others and their property how you would want to be treated.
  • Community
    Promote a safe environment
    We can all help keep our community safe and inclusive in many ways.
  • Sit
    Get cozy
    Sitting on the floor or squeezing on the couch for the music is a great way to make new friends.
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