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Noho Sound Presents: Haydn, Paganini & Beethoven

Noho Sound Presents: Haydn, Paganini & Beethoven


Wed, December 20, 2017 7:00 PM, EST

15 of 50 spots still available
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21
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No bathroom at this event
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair Accessible

This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Noho Sound is proud to host our 11th Groupmuse live classical event Wednesday, December 20th at 7pm. The Noho Sound Live series continues at our soundproofed and acoustically treated loft in Noho, designed specifically for live and recorded music.

RSVP here: http://grpm.us/bY3zjQ

Noho Sound is a trio of hi-end audio showrooms & event spaces in NYC created by Alex Roy, Ron Kain & Chris Petranis, industry veterans and music lovers who wanted something better — space to hear the world's best audio equipment, and the live music that is the point of it all.

Learn more @ www.nohosound.com

Haydn String Quartet Op. 74 No. 5
Kreisler Schön Rosmarin
Paganini Caprice No. 24
Haydn String Quartet “Lark”
Beethoven "Eyeglasses" Duo
A Holiday Musical Surprise

Groupmuses are something in between classical music concerts and house parties. They are a chance to spend quality time with old and new friends and to lose yourself in a profound artistic experience.

This particular Groupmuse will be followed by electronic and disco versions of the music performed, if they can be located on vinyl. If not, a digital download of William Orbit's EDM remix of Barber's Adagio for Strings will be played repeatedly for three hours, or until the last person leaves, whichever comes first. If four or more guests known to each other act inappropriately, Laibach's industrial cover of The Beatles' Let It Be will be played in its entirety.

We only have room for 50 people, including friends and community members, so there are limited spots available! To claim yours, visit this early access signup link: http://grpm.us/bY3zjQ

Smoking and drinking is encouraged, but the former is banned during the actual performance so as not to annoy the musicians.

We look forward to seeing you.

Alex, Ron & Chris
The Noho Sound Family

What's the music?

Halam Kim Viola
Andrew Laven
Diana Kim Violin

Hello everyone!
We are excited to share our music with you all!
There's been a few changes, and here is the new program:

Haydn String Quartet "Lark"
Kreisler Schön Rosmarin
Paganini Caprice No. 24


Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Holiday music


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