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Fri, March 9, 2018, 8:00 PM
(Sales closed Mar 9, 3:00 PM)


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The Boston Artists Ensemble, comprised of some of the finest talent this great city has to offer, is readying for a celebration of one of the greatest dyads in the history of music: That of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. The older Schumann was the first leading figure to recognize the talent of Brahms and the two formed a rather complicated relationship, the bounty of which will be enjoyed and treasured for centuries to come.

The first half of the concert will be Schumann's bizarre and profound Quartet no. 1, characterized by Schumann's frantic bipolarity. For the second half, the string quartet is joined by the legendary Tom Martin, associate principal clarinetist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for Brahms' clarinet quintet. Written in the last years of Brahms' life, its swirling warmth and nostalgia belie its structural complexity and perfection, serving as something of a capstone to a life so generously lived.

The BAE is offering two performances of this lovely and profound program:

In Salem, at the glorious and historical Hamilton Hall, Friday March 9th at 8pm.

In Brookline, at St. Paul's Church, Sunday March 11th at 3pm.

Typically, tickets for an evening of such splendor run $30, but the BAE loves its groupmusers, so you'll get yours for a mere $15 (...and $10 for groupmusers) - a preposterous steal for such life-affirming beauty!

But supplies are limited, so hop on it!



Boston Artists Ensemble

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SCHUMANN Quartet in A minor, Opus 41, No. 1
BRAHMS Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Opus 115



Brett Power


Paula Billups

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Rachel Brown

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Yuri Cataldo


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