Unfortunately, this groupmuse was canceled.
Living room

This is an Indoor Groupmuse.

A live, in-person performance in a host's living room or another intimate venue.

a muse with a mushroom risotto and a salt marsh
Indoor Concert

a muse with a mushroom risotto and a salt marsh

Inwood, New York

Sat, April 21, 2018 4:30 PM, EDT

20 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
ADA access
Not accessible

NOTICE: This Groupmuse is being postponed to June 23rd at 4:30PM

"Salt marshes play a critical role in the support of human life, acting as natural filtration systems by trapping pollutants that would otherwise contaminate our bays and oceans."

There will be a mushroom risotto and a salad, there will be beautiful music and friendly faces and something sweet for dessert. There will be the beverages you will bring, and after all of that there will be the park in the corner for us to explore. The paths within are cool and the grasses surrounding are fluffy (speaking of which, this is a shoes-off home.)

"Inwood Hill Park, a 196-acre oasis at the northern tip of Manhattan, features the last remnant of the tidal marshes that once surrounded Manhattan Island"


Exact address sent to approved attendees via email.


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Ana Paula Cordeiro, over 3 years ago

Dear All,
Please read below a note from our musician regarding an imminent change of plans:

"Lovely participants who have signed up, (or who are considering to sign up) to attend this Saturday's groupmuse,

I need to deeply apologize to you, for I have accidentally double-booked myself - I just learned that I am performing in Rutgers, NJ on Saturday. I had thought this concert in NJ was on Friday. I am so sorry.

Dear invitees, your kind host Ana and I would like to find out what other date between the 02 options we are able to offer would work best for you:

- this Sunday the 22nd at 7:30PM;
- or on June 23rd at 4:30PM.

We ask you to kindly click on this link to let us know (it will take you to Doodle.com, where a poll is active):

This is a mistake that I am so sorry to have made. Ana and I were deeply looking forward to having you with us and I will hope for the chance of a repeat of this very gathering soon.



Ana Paula Cordeiro, over 3 years ago

me again.
As we decided to change the date for June 23rd I kept hoping it could be done on the event calendar instead of cancelling. Dang, it is not that simple. So I will cancel and repost and probably check the page every five minutes for the next five weeks to see if y'all signed up again ;-)
Message from your host: enjoy this beautiful day,