This groupmuse happened on Thursday, April 19, at 7:00 PM EDT.

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Weimar at the Italian Academy: A Night Out with Aspect
Groupmuse Night Out

Weimar at the Italian Academy: A Night Out with Aspect

Morningside Heights

Thu, April 19, 2018 7:00 PM, EDT
(Ticket sales closed Apr 19, 6:00 PM EDT)

22 of 70 tickets still available
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Groupmuse Superhost

We've received a very last minute Night Out offer for this very night, and however short the notice, it was honestly too good to just pass up.

Our wonderful friends at the Aspect Foundation for Music and Arts have curated for us an evening at Columbia University's beautiful Italian Academy that centers on Weimar, Germany -- which was, for centuries, an epicenter for music culture in the Western World. Like all Aspect concerts, it's not just a performance, it's an exploration of time and place.

It starts with an illustrated talk by historian BBC mainstay Stephen Johnson, who's been called "The authoritative British voice of classical music". He'll lay out the terms and context for the masterworks which will unfold, starting with Bach's First Cello Suite, perhaps the most recognizable and beloved piece of classical music ever written. Mendelssohn's glorious and under-celebrated Cello Sonata no. 2 will follow, and Franz Liszt's absolutely monumental Piano Sonata in B Minor, often regarded as one of the greatest works for piano in history will finish out the program.

The talents brought to bear are beyond compare: Cellist Sergey Antonov won the Gold Prize in 2007 at the International Tchaikovsky Competition, arguably the most prestigious award in the art form and pianist Vsevolod Dvorkin is no less accomplished.

Like all Aspect evenings, there will be free wine and snacks before the concert and at intermission. While tickets are typically $45, we've got a stack for just $20! But the show is literally tonight, so grab your tickets right now if you want to join!

NOTE: There is a pre-concert reception at 7pm with snacks and wine and the performance won't start until 7.30pm.


Sergey Antonov
Vsevolod Dvorkin


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