This groupmuse happened on Thursday, September 6, at 7:00 PM EDT.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

A Most Inclusive Massivemuse

A Most Inclusive Massivemuse

East Passyunk Crossing, Philadelphia

Thu, September 6, 2018 7:00 PM, EDT

Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21
ADA access


Groupmuse Superhost

Of the many values Groupmuse seeks to uphold as we carry forth our mission, preeminent among them is that of inclusivity. So much of what we do is oriented around how to make this classical music a music truly for everyone — and how to cultivate an experience that is evocative and powerful on a level that is below words and that transcends the barriers that maintain the illusion of separation.

So when the prospect of throwing a Massivemuse as the opening act of the first ever Philadelphia Inclusive Arts Festival, co-organized by Groupmuse Philadelphia’s own Davinica Nemtzow, we really had no choice but to jump on it.

In Davinica’s own words, “September 6-9 will be jam-packed with art workshops, panel discussions, and community building all across our City of Brotherly Love. The goal of the festival is to highlight creative work from people of all backgrounds and abilities while encouraging each other to be inclusive allies. Learn more about the fest here."

For our September 6th overture to the Festival, we’ll be gathering the workshop of the legendary BOK -- the once-vocational school, now community art space, bar, and so much more. And we’ve enlisted the gifts of the Madkoi String Quartet, who’ve prepared a program that spans the globe and includes voices that have for so long been left out of the classical canon — including a gorgeous string quartet by Florence Price an early 20th century figure who served as the first African-American woman to have a composition played by a major orchestra — a stunning accomplishment for a person who died a decade before the Civil Rights Act passed.

The evening is B.Y.O.B. and B.Y.O.Floor.Pillow.Or.Picnic.Blanket as the space is splendid but raw. Tickets are $20, but we understand that not everyone is able to afford that price point and we want you to be able to join us regardless of your financial situation. If that’s where you’re at, please email Davinica at [email protected] and we'll find an arrangement that works for you. 

Can’t wait to celebrate a City of Brotherly Love that has space for everyone with all of you!


Madkoi Quartet String Ensemble

Adam Cuthbért - universe explosion (East Coast premiere!)
Heitor Villa-Lobos - String Quartet No. 1
Florence Price - String Quartet in G Major
and some more!


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