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A Night Out with Beethoven Bookends
Groupmuse Night Out

A Night Out with Beethoven Bookends

Morningside Heights

Thu, November 1, 2018 7:30 PM, EDT
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There is arguably no figure who looms larger over the history of Western Art than Ludwig van Beethoven. At times, it almost feels that the mighty power of his genius alone carried European Culture from the formal perfection of Classicism to the prophetic storm of The Romantic. Indeed, he started his career as a capital C "Classical" composer, but by the end of his life, he was charting a path in the wilds of Sound that no one even knew were there. And no where is that arc of his vision clearer than in the story of his 15 string quartets -- still regarded as perhaps the greatest single body of work in classical music. And! Thanks to our friends at the Aspect Foundation, we'll celebrate two of the bookends of that arc for a Groupmuse Night Out!

The Ariel String Quartet -- only in their 20's and already among the most celebrated quartet of our generation, has prepared an evening that'll open with one of Beethoven's first string quartets -- his op. 18/6, often thought of as the finest example of his early style and a high point of formal Classical perfection. The second half of the evening is his op. 131 -- one of his last works, of which Franz Schubert himself said "After this, what is left for us to write?"

It's a shocking, sprawling, seven-movement odyssey into the interior world of one of the deepest and most beautiful minds our Earth can lay claim to, and frequently referred to as the single greatest piece of chamber music ever written. If you've never heard this piece before -- and even more so if you have -- you're in for something enormous.

The quartet has prepared a illustrated talk to give some historical and aesthetic context before the flood of genius and, as is always the case for evenings with Aspect, tickets come with free wine and snacks before the show and at intermission -- so make sure to be on time! It's all going down in the BEAUTIFUL Renaissance style Italian Academy at Columbia University.

Typically, this evening runs $45, but because Aspect believes in our community, we've got a stack for only $20 -- over 50% off!* But supplies are limited, so hop on it if you want to join for the journey!


The Ariel String Quartet


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