This groupmuse happened on Saturday, November 17, at 8:00 PM.

Sat, November 17, 2018, 8:00 PM
(Sales closed Nov 17, 10:00 AM)

Lincoln Square, New York

A Groupmuse Night Out

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For all who wish not to make the treacherous trek to Brooklyn for our dazzling next Massivemuse, we've got a joyous evening that same day for those on the Island:

In his long life, Franz Joseph Haydn was able to accomplish quite a bit: He also created the string quartet, writing a casual 68 of them. That was a big deal. He also created the symphony, writing an even-more casual 106 of those. That, too, was a big deal. He taught Mozart, he taught Beethoven. For all that and more, he's known to history as Papa Haydn.

And, on Saturday, November 17th, the American Classical Orchestra -- NYC's premier historically informed classical orchestra, invites us to Lincoln Center for a Night Out with Papa Haydn, as they unleash his 53rd symphony, "L'Imperial" and his Sinfonia Concertante, featuring soloists on the violin, oboe, bassoon, and cello.

But the ACO exists not just to celebrate the established heroes of Classicism -- they also unearth forgotten gems. And as such, they'll also be treating us to a wild and never-performed symphony by Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda - a German contemporary of Beethoven who was a brilliant musical mind but has fallen into oblivion. Let us give him his day!

Tickets average $65, but the ACO is seriously good people, so we've got a stack for just $20! But it's limited, so hustle!



American Classical Orchestra
Period Instrument Orchestra

Kalliwoda - Symphony No. 5

F.J. Haydn - Symphony No. 53, “L’Impériale”
- Sinfonia Concertante in B-Flat Major



Natalie Amstutz


Sean Gerlich


Kenneth Sylvain


Steven Wang


Skye Swett-Keeling


Ellen Parodi

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Jerome Dewald


Phyllis Merriam


Harvey Butler


Diva Goodfriend-Koven


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