This groupmuse happened on Friday, September 6, at 7:00 PM EDT.

This is a Groupmuse Night Out

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Sacred Voices - A Groupmuse Night Out
Groupmuse Night Out

Sacred Voices - A Groupmuse Night Out

Back Bay, Boston

Fri, September 6, 2019 7:00 PM, EDT
(Ticket sales closed Sep 6, 4:00 PM EDT)

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No alcohol at this groupmuse
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Groupmuse Superhost
Autumn Salon Co-host

The Autumn Salon is an arts consortium that curates unique and evocative salon-style performances throughout the city of Boston. Their latest project, Sacred Voices combines the mediums of music, storytelling and performance to honor the beauty and power of the human voice, and it’s unique ability to dissolve stigma, restore dignity, and inspire authentic self-expression.

Held in beautiful Gordon Chapel in Boston's Copley Square and lit by candlelight, this concert will feature traditional Greek vocalist Erini of Crete and esteemed Palestinian cellist Naseem Alatrash, who will be presenting the ancient songs of Asia Minor in a new light.

A fourth generation descendant of Smyrna refugees, Eirini is the inheritor of a unique musical tradition that draws influences from Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian and Byzantine idioms. Today this music does not have a geographical home but resides in the hearts of displaced refugees such as Erini, who's carrying on the tradition of her ancestors for future generations.

Groupmuse is excited to invite you to be part of this special performance for only $15—40% off the ticketed price!

Space is limited, so reserve now!

For more information visit:


Naseem Alatrash


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