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Solo Spanish Classical guitar


Lawrence Del Casale full profile / Solo Classical guitar / 1 musician

Composers featured: Sor, J.S.Bach, Carulli, Villa-Lobos,

Full program notes

Lawrence Del Casale
Classical Guitarist, Latin Grammy Nominee
The Classical guitar from Europe to the Caribbean PROGRAM

J.S Bach (1685-1750): Prelude in D minor Bourree in E minor
F. Sor (1778-1839): Estudio #5 Estudio #6
F. Tarrega (1852-1909): Adelita, Lagrima
H. Villa-Lobos (1787-1959): Etude #7, Etude #8
Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948): Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas
Leo Brouwer (b.1944): Danza Characteristica

Mr. Del Casale is a Latin Grammy nominee and Zoho recording artist.
Spotify: Lawrence Del Casale
Mr. Del Casale performs on a guitar constructed by American Luthier,
Richard Prenkert and is sponsored by and exclusively uses Savarez Millennium strings

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