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Aaron Larget-Caplan



I am a classical & world music guitarist, a virtuoso musical explorer, an entertainer and performer who understands music and speaking to connect with audiences. I regularly perform classics and standard repertoire by Bach, Schubert, Mertz, Spanish classics, flamenco and Latin American works as well as contemporary works written for me. My latest recording explores the aesthetics of the East & West with a focus on Japan.
I use music, stories, sense of humor and diverse programing to keep listeners at the edge of their seat. I am an international touring artist based in Boston and on faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston and formerly at the Boston Conservatory.
I have a over 15 years of experience performing house concerts and in salons. I directed a series in Boston for four years and I have always striven to bridge the gaps in communication between people: composers and the guitar and especially classical music and audiences.
My performances blow minds.


J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, Cantata 106*
Chromatic Fantasy, BWV 903*
Prelude & Fugue, BWV 926 & 961*
Preludes in C major & G major, BWV 939 & 924*
Prelude & Fugue in A-minor, BWV 539*

John Cage
Three Pieces* - Round, Duo, Infinite Canon (1933)
Dream* (1944)

Keigo Fujii (b. 1955)
The Legend of Hagoromo (1992)

Franz Schubert - Songs

J.K. Mertz (1801-1856)

Spanish Repertoire
Sevilla & Granada by Isaac Albeniz
España Cañi* by Pascual Marquina
Mantilla de Feria and Panaderos by Esteban Sanlucar

Many more including local living composers, and numerous Latin American composers.

* Arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan


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