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Josh Henderson

Violin, Viola

New York, NY
60 Played at 60 groupmuses!

Josh Henderson

Violin, Viola


JOSH HENDERSON is enjoying a multi-faceted career as a cross-genre violinist, violist, and composer. In addition to playing classical recitals, he frequently performs with jazz groups, and rock bands, and he loves bringing these experiences to intimate settings. Catch him online at -


I am a fan of all genres of music, and in addition to standard Classical Repertoire, try to incorporate contemporary compositions, original works, improvisations, and anything that I think an audience will find meaning in and enjoy.



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  • Living room

    Flight of Fancy Musicale

    Friday, Mar 8 7:00 PM EST

    • Neighborhood: Northwest Washington, Washington
    • Instruments: Violin, Cello, Keyboard, percussion
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $20+ at event

    Spots available

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