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Soprano and Double Bass

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Departure Duo is a Boston-based soprano and double bass duo comprised of Nina Guo and Edward Kass. Committed to expanding the repertoire for this “high-low” combination, Departure Duo commissions new works and researches pre-existing pieces. The duo's longterm goal, 30 by '30, is to have 30 hours of repertoire by 2030. Nina and Eddie are particularly interested in how extended technique and theatricality can expand the range of expression for both players and engage audiences. A Departure Duo concert showcases the variety and dialogues within the soprano/double bass universe. By celebrating the diversity found within this small (but growing!) corner of music, Nina and Eddie aim to counter new music's notoriety and promote accessibility for all audiences.

Traditional Repertoire

Talia Amar, Deus ex machina (2016)
Katherine Balch, Vidi l'angelo nel marmo (2015)
Phrases (2017)
Stephen Dembski, Pied Beauty (2002)
Beat Furrer, Lotófagos (2006)
Shawn Jaeger, Pastor Hicks' Farewell (2006)
In Old Virginny (2007)
Fred Lerdahl, Fire and Ice (2015)
John Liberatore, Plain Truths from Timothy Dexter (2012)
Amy Beth Kirsten: yes I said yes I will Yes (2012)
Emily Koh, emojicons (2018)
György Kurtág, Einige Sätze aus den Sudelbüchern Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs (1996-1999)
David Smooke, All Are Welcome Here (2017)