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Boston, MA

Karl Henry



A Sioux Falls, South Dakota transplant, Karl Henry is a cellist and composer who plays in a variety of musical idioms. He recently graduated from Oberlin Conservatory, where he gained experience and a passion for new music, having debuted and recorded pieces by Elizabeth Ogonek and Stephen Hartke. During his time at school, Karl studied with cellist Darrett Adkins and percussionist Jaime Haddad while participating in the world music ensemble “PI”. He also has performed with artists Camila Meza, Anat Cohen, Phillip Ying, and Stefan Hersh. He performs solo and also as a collaborator in many projects. Karl is a cellist in “Quartet Davis”, an ensemble that plays with an emphasis on improvisation and original music, in addition to fiddle and jazz styles. They have performed with musicians Christian Howes, Fabian Almazan, and Billy Childs. Quartet Davis’ debut album is set to be released this upcoming spring.


Bach Cello Suites
Gaspar Cassadó Solo Cello Suite
Benjamin Britten Cello Suite(s)
Celtic Passage by David Eby
Original Solo Amplified Cello music with pedal effects and loops
Zoltán Kodály Duo for Violin and Cello Op. 7
Debussy Sonata for Cello and Piano
Rachmaninoff Sonata for Piano and Cello
Prokofiev Sonata for Piano and Cello
Shostakovich Sonata for Piano and Cello
Brahms Sonata for Piano and Cello in E Minor
Ravel Sonata for Violin and Piano "Posthume"
Ravel Piano Trio
Debussy Piano Trio
Haydn String Quartet(s)
Schubert Death and the Maiden
Arensky String Quartet in A minor for violin, viola, and two cellos
Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8
Prokofiev String Quartet No. 2
Ginastera String Quartet No.1
Ravel String Quartet
Debussy String Quartet
Hindemith String Quartet No. 5
Caroline Shaw "Entr'acte"
Billy Childs String Quartet No. 3 (Unrequited)
Schubert Cello Quintet
Hartke String Octet "The Rose of the Winds"



Allemande from the 5th Bach Suite

Courante from the 5th Bach Suite

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Past groupmuses (1)

  • Rebel for Life: An Extinction Rebellion Groupmuse

    Sunday, Jan 5, 2020 6:00 PM EST

    • Neighborhood: Inwood, New York
    • Composers: Glière, Kodaly, Henry, Handel-Halvorsen,
    • Instruments: String Duo
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $20+ at event

    Happened over 4 years ago