Muzosynth Orchestra

Multi-Disciplinary Arts Ensemble

New York, NY
4 Played at 4 groupmuses!

Muzosynth Orchestra

Multi-Disciplinary Arts Ensemble


(Formerly the Moving Orchestra)

Sparked by informal jam sessions in living spaces, The Muzosynth Orchestra (pronounced MŪ-ZŌ-synth) is an eclectic mix of musicians, dancers, actors, and visual artists from all backgrounds in New York City. As of 2023, the ensemble works exclusively with BIPOC artists to provide a safer creative space. They specialize in workshopping programs heavily based on improvisation, featuring 3 - 10 performers made up of recurring and new artists. The programs are developed utilizing the skills and personalities of each performing group as well as the possibilities of each venue. TMO has performed in prominent venues as well as unconventional spaces such as St. John's in the Village, Arts on Site, SLEEPCENTER, Playwrights Downtown, Massawa, and MÔTÔ Spirits Distillery. In 2020, they produced a weekly series of online concerts called the "Zoom Jam Series" as well as a three-day online festival celebrating the anniversary of its inception.


Structured improvisations in music, dance, visual art, etc.


Past groupmuses (4)

  • Massivemuse

    Act I, Scene I

    Sunday, Dec 3, 2023 7:00 PM EST

    • Neighborhood: Sunset Park
    • Instruments: Voice, Violin, Keyboard, Drums
    • Price: $20 tickets ($15 for Supermusers)

    Happened 7 months ago

  • Massivemuse

    MotoSynthesis: A Carroll Hall x Muzosynth Orchestra x Vogue Massivemuse

    Friday, Apr 21, 2023 7:00 PM EDT

    • Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
    • Composers: Chang, Kengkarnka, Lim
    • Instruments: Violin, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Voguer
    • Price: $20 tickets ($15 for Supermusers)

    Happened about 1 year ago

  • Massivemuse Planetary Music

    In Good Spirits: A MÔTÔ Spirits x The Moving Orchestra Massivemuse

    Friday, Feb 25, 2022 7:30 PM EST

    • Neighborhood: Bushwick
    • Composers: Adewumi, Bonhomme, Chang, Gonder, Lim
    • Instruments: The Moving Orchestra
    • Price: $25 tickets ($20 for Supermusers)

    Happened over 2 years ago

  • Virtual Premiere

    Design: See, Hear, and Wear

    Sunday, Jun 27, 2021 7:00 PM EDT

    • Neighborhood: New York, NY
    • Composers: Adewumi, Chang, Lim
    • Instruments: Trumpet, Violin, Piano
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $10+ at event

    Happened almost 3 years ago