Hashi Duo @hashiduo

Piano and guitar Duo


Hashi Duo @hashiduo

Piano and guitar Duo


" meaning "bridge" in Japanese, connects
cultures and combines traditional and contemporary
composers from Japan and Latin America. Our duo’s
repertoire includes both solo and chamber music for
classical guitar and piano, reflecting cultural similarities
and differences. We aim to share our unique cultures
through music and reach a wider audience from around
the world. Ultimately, our duo project will lay the
foundations for deepening an understanding of our
cultures and sharing their rich histories and traditions.


Our repertoire consists of original and arranged music
for piano and guitar, including “Recordando un Bolero”
by Alonso Torres, a guitar and piano duo inspired by the
sensual bolero dance but enriched with jazz harmonies.
“Fantasia op. 145” by Mario Castelnuovo
Tedesco combines his Jewish origins in Andalusia with his
Italian lyricism. We also feature the Haikus by Marvin
Camacho, who explores Japanese poetry translated
into music through extended techniques and combines
words with sounds.


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