A4 Collective

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Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

47 Attendees hosted

At A4 Collective, we are dedicated to providing a space for classical musicians to present their work, and to make classical music more accessible through donation-based public concerts. The reality for most musicians is that they must “pay-to-play,” which greatly limits performance opportunities to those who can perform for nothing or afford to pay for a venue. A4 Collective strives to provide an alternative by hosting musicians and compensating them directly for their years of dedication to their craft.

Since our founding in 2022 we have hosted over 30 events ranging from concerts for the public to sight-reading jam sessions for musicians to broaden their network. In the spring of 2023, we co-hosted a New Music Symposium with The Music Room where we created a space for composers to hear their compositions performed live and workshopped by professional musicians. In our ongoing work, we also provide our space at an affordable rate for other organizations such as the Brooklyn Classical Guitar Society and the Brooklyn Accordion Club.

Please consider supporting our cause as your donation will help us continue to host future events for our growing community.

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