This groupmuse happened on Friday, April 3, at 7:00 PM EDT.

This is a Virtual Groupmuse.

Connect to great musicians and a warm and welcoming community over live performances streamed into your home.

[livestream] with Holes in the Floor!

[livestream] with Holes in the Floor!

Fri, April 3, 2020 7:00 PM, EDT

Donation link:

Holes in the Floor Cello Quartet!


Youtube Livestream Link:

-J.S. Bach: Chaconne (arr. Laszlo Varga)
-Juusela: Fado (1996)
-Kummer: Cello Duo, Op. 22, No. 2 - in 3 movements
-Casals: Song of the Birds (arr. Eunghee Cho and Joy Yanai)
-Barrière: Sonata No. 10 for Two Cellos - also in 3 movements!
-Hallelujah // Can't Help Falling in Love (arr. Eunghee Cho)


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Bexx Rosenbloom, over 1 year ago

Hi everyone! Please join the Zoom here: to watch the concert together as a group! The musicians will join us in the zoom afterwards for a QnA!

You can tune into the live stream on youtube here:

Mini Liu, over 1 year ago

Link shows that YouTube has removed the video for violating terms of service? I saw the initial page showing the 2 musicians, but then nada.

Bexx Rosenbloom, over 1 year ago

Apologies, there was a mishap with youtube. The correct link is here:



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