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This groupmuse happened on Thursday, April 30, at 8:00 PM EDT.

This is a livestreaming Groupmuse Virtual Concert

A live virtual performance with community videochat and a Q&A with the artists.

Cellectronics: A Livestream Extravaganza!
Virtual Livestream

Cellectronics: A Livestream Extravaganza!


Thu, April 30, 2020 8:00 PM, EDT

92 of 100 spots still available
No COVID-19 restrictions
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
No bathroom at this event
ADA access


Groupmuse Superhost
Philip S. Co-host

Livestream link above!

Option 1: Open this link in the Google Chrome browser, then click "join from your browser"
Option 2: Download the Zoom Client for Meetings application ahead of time

What's the music?

Experience a tour of music from around the world in a Groupmuse experience that could only happen through livestreaming. Spanning genres, countries, and centuries, I'm excited to share a program that reflects our interconnected world (now closer than ever) and the variety of ways that music has brought people together across time and culture. The program will conclude with the premiere of a new piece that I've written during my time in self-quarantine, reflecting on the joyful power of community to overcome adversity.

..... Suite for Solo Cello (1946)

..... in manus tuas (2009)

..... Prelude and Bossa Nova No. 2, "Alla Chitarra" (2018)


JIMI HENDRIX (arr. Summer)
..... Little Wing (1967)

..... Appalachia Waltz (1995)

..... Chaconne for cello and electronics (2018)

..... Vaio (2020)


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Philip S., over 3 years ago

Hello all! Looks like we're going to have an intimate evening tonight, all the better opportunity for us to be able to be more personal! As such, I'll be running this concert entirely through Zoom so that we can have an easier back-and-forth flow. Link is updated in the event description, looking forward to seeing you soon!

Noam N., over 3 years ago

Won't the sound quality be very low on Zoom?

Philip S., over 3 years ago

Hi Noam! I'm processing all my audio through software before sending it out to Zoom/YouTube, so it's quite good on its own - but you're right that the YouTube audio codec is even better! It just creates a larger "distance" between us during the event, which I think will be much more noticeable with only a few people!

Noam N., over 3 years ago

My experience of the quality was mostly ok, good enough to enjoy, but not awesome. There were short "breaks" in the sound very frequently, and it felt like the awesomeness of Cello deserves a better quality. The piece before last totally didn't work, but that could be a result of how the playback part was fed into the stream? (I'm not an expert...) I think (please also share with Sam) that there should be a way to use an on-going zoom and parallel youtube and just switch between them as you go into and out of pieces so that you get the good of both worlds. Anyway, your piece Philip was fantastic, it's a good thing your friends opened you up to "other" music!

Philip S., over 3 years ago

Friends! Thank you again for a wonderful evening together! As a thank you (and to amend the technical difficulties that I put us through), I wanted to share with you a recording I made of the second-to-last piece, which I believe suffered the most from dropouts. I wanted you all to be able to experience the piece in its fullness, so I made a recording! Here's a short excerpt with video, if you like it there's a link to the full audio in the description!

Best wishes, and hope to see you on another stream soon!


Heavy M. Emcee
Renee A.
Jennifer A.
Carol C. Groupmuse Superhost
Noam N.
De'Siree N.
Maureen M.