The Pavlolva Songs: An Orchestral Premiere!
Virtual Premiere

The Pavlolva Songs: An Orchestral Premiere!

New York

Sun, October 4, 2020 3:00 PM, EDT

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This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.


Join us on October 4th at 3pm (NY), 9pm (European time), 2 pm (Mexico), and 10pm (Moscow) for an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE [HD recording] of the 'Pavlova Songs,' a song cycle written by Mexican composer Venus Rey Jr., conducted by Fabrizio Da Ros and performed by the Musica Viva Orchestra, featuring soprano Natalia Pavlova.

In this work, Rey sets to music “One Touch in Seven Octaves” (Одно касание в семи октавах), a collection of seven erotic poems written by the celebrated Russian poet Vera Pavlova.

A very unique collaboration between a living poet and composer, as sung by the poet's own daughter, this Premiere will celebrate the release of the upcoming Da Vinci Classics album 'The Pavlova Songs.' The artists and musicians will also be joining us in the pre and post-concert Zoom sessions for an exciting discussion and q&a about their unique collaboration.

What's the music?

Natalia Pavlova Soprano Voice
Musica Viva Orchestra
Fabrizio Da Ros Conductor
Olga Kalinova Cello

Venus Rey Jr, Bachiana No. 4, 1st Movement
Olga Kalinova — Cello

The Pavlova Songs — Venus Rey Jr. (composer)


Writing and sung in their native Russian, these are erotic poems, both subtle and explicit, depicting the voice of a woman expressing and singing her desire towards the man she loves. A key concept is the caress, and which is expressed through fantastic metaphors.

In the film there will be subtitles in English in translation by Steven Seymour. The song cycle is scored for three parts of violins, two parts of violas, two parts of cellos, double bass, piano, timpani, percussion, flute, bassoon, horn and soprano soloist.

Song No. 1: Caresses that are like a first-grader's handwriting
Song No. 2: Caresses that make the loved one faint and disappear
Song No. 3: Caresses that are like a bow over the strings of an ethereal instrument, which is the body of the loved one
Song No. 4: Caresses that make the body light, chiseled and compact
Song No. 5: Love itself playing the 'blind man's bluff' with lovers
Song No. 6: The nature of touching –touching the sex of the beloved– as the key to release the mystery of a metaphysical disembodiment
Song No. 7: The sensation of ants racing all over the body, and the lover propelled into ecstasy


Maestro Fabrizio da Ros has been the assistant conductor of several of the most important Italian theaters (Teatro la Scala di Milano, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Gran Teatro la Fenice di Venezia, Teatro Verdi di Trieste, Teatro Marrucino, Teatro verdi di Pisa, etc etc), and has also appeared in important theaters and festivals throughout the world, conducting over 85 lyric operas in the Strasburg Theater, Siri Fort Auditorium of New Delhi, in Goldoni Theatre in Livorno, in Cairo Opera House, and many others.

As a symphonic conductor he has appeared with the State Symphony Orchestra of Mexico in Toluca, “F. Villanueva” Concert Hall and Teatro Bicentenario in Città del Messico, Carnegie Hall in New York with the New England Symphonic Orchestra, Palais de la Musique in Strasburgo, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Svetlanov Hall, International House of Music in Moscow, Smetana Hall in Prague, and others.

He has worked with important stage directors such as I. Stefanutti, R. Bonajuto, P. Panizza, M. Gandini, B. Streiff and other, and with many important soloists such as C. Coin, M. Campanella, R. Buchbinder, R. Goebel, M. Haselböck, P. Giugliacci, B. De Simone, B Frittoli and others.

Since 2016 he is the artistic and music director of OCI (Orchestra Classica Italiana) on period classic and Romantic instruments, Artistic director of music festival “Libiam!” (3rd season), and artistic director of Valbelluna Opera Studio (6th edition).

Since 2019 he is teacher of orchestral conducting in State Conservatory “S. Giacomantonio” in Cosenza.



Venus Rey Jr. is an artist and a scholar. He composes music for symphony orchestra. He is a writer and a lecturer on Law, Philosophy and Art. His music has been performed in Russia, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.


Moscow and Rome-based soprano Natalia Pavlova (who is a descendant of Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin) has graced the stages of Carnegie Hall, Moscow Chaikovsky State Conservatory, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), and many others throughout the world. Active in performing music from antiquity to today, she was a soloist for 6 years in the Moscow theater School of Dramatic Art, directed by Anatoly Vasiliev. Natalia has sung world premiere performances and recordings of works by composers Giovanni Sollima, Venus Rey and Iraida Yusupova, composed specially for her voice, as well as pieces by Vladimir Martynov. She serves on Artistic Council of The First Cultural International Festival, Russian-Rome, Palazzo Poli in Rome, and was recently awarded the Silver Lion at the Narnia International Festival, as well as the International "Clean Sound" Award.

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