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Romance & Reverie: All Roads Lead to Rome...

Romance & Reverie: All Roads Lead to Rome...

Sat, October 17, 2020 2:00 PM, EDT

"All roads lead to Rome..."

The sweetest dreams are those dreamt in the morning and the afternoon ... such dreams are real and intense; recalled more vividly than dreams of the night.

Join us Saturday October 17th at 2 pm (NY), 8 PM (Rome) as we continue the day with an unforgettable musical journey broadcast live from the beautiful historical Quarter in the center of Rome, in the home of the renowned, academy award-winning director of cinema Paolo Sorrentino, accompanied by a beautiful Steinway piano.

Soprano Natalia Pavlova and pianist, composer and vocal coach Mary Tzambiras –who has worked with many of the famous singers of 20th century, including Tito Gobbi, Alfredo Lattaro and others– will draw us into a world of sweet reveries with lullabies, romances and arias by Russian composers from 19th century through the present.

Natalia will sing the music of Glinka, Dargomushsky, Mysorgsky, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Sviridov and more... as well as a world premiere by Iraida Yusupova, an aria set to the beautiful poetry of her mother, the well known poet Vera Pavlova, translated into English by Steven Seymour.


Natalia Pavlova Soprano Voice
Mary Tzambiras Piano

Glinka, Dargomushsky, Mysorgsky, Borodin, Rubinstein, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Sviridov, Yusupova

Natalia Pavlova

Moscow and Rome-based soprano Natalia Pavlova (who is a descendant of Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin) has graced the stages of Carnegie Hall, Moscow Chaikovsky State Conservatory, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), and many others throughout the world.

Active in performing music from antiquity to today, she was a soloist for 6 years in the Moscow theater School of Dramatic Art, directed by Anatoly Vasiliev. Natalia has sung world premiere performances and recordings of works by composers Giovanni Sollima, Venus Rey, Iraida Yusupova,George Gusev, composed specially for her voice, as well as pieces by Vladimir Martynov. She serves on Artistic Council of The First Cultural International Festival, Russian-Rome, Palazzo Poli in Rome, and was recently awarded the Silver Lion at the Narnia International Festival, as well as the International "Clean Sound" Award. She has appeared on three albums with music of Iraida Yusupova and Venus Rey Jr, "Pavlova songs" from Da Vinci Classics is her latest record.

Mary Tzambiras

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Mary Tzambiras

Performer's Diplomas in Piano:
Licenciate of the Royal School of Music, London
Fellowship of the Trinity College of London
Performer's Certificate, Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts, Villa Schifanoia, Florence
Diploma with highest honours (30 e lode) Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella, Naples, under Vincenzo Vitale.
Bachelor of Music, Victoria University, Wellington.

Intensive voice lessons with tenor Alfredo Lattaro (who had sung under Mascagni's baton and in Callas's early Wagnerian performances).
Voice lessons with Russian baritone Platon Shvets.

Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Award for post-graduate music studies abroad.

Accompanist for Tito Gobbi's Opera Workshop in Florence (Villa Schifanoia) and Rome. Invited by the San Carlo Opera House, Naples to work as voice coach, accompanist, prompt and recitative player on the following operas:
"Crispino e la comare";
"Lucia di Lammermoor", "Rigoletto", "Don Carlos", "La serva padrona"
Voice and drama coach for Paramount Films, "King David" starring Richard Gere and directed by Bruce Beresford
Debut with orchestra at age 20 playing Beethoven's Concerto no. 5 ("Emperor") about which a British critic wrote:" A powerful and vital performance, showing a splendid sense of design and scale and a real flair for the keyboard that held the audience's interest throughout".Lately Italian critics have praised her musicality and beauty of tone.

As piano soloist, accompanist and singer, currently performs in Italy, Germany, England, France and Greece.

Last year Mary Tzambiras was soprano soloist in three performances in the Hall of the Governatorato, Vatican City.

Has recorded for Phonitipia (Mendelssohn's "Variations Serieuses") and is the speaking voice in the Broadway production of "Peter Pan - Betwixt and Between" (CD Opera Omnia).

After coming to Italy, has worked extensively as voice and piano teacher, both with individuals and with small groups.

Conferences on "Piano Technique and Interpretation" (e.g. for the Piano Teachers Association in Malta) and on "Bel Canto" (Cultural Exchange Program in Bourges, France and in Rome.

She has run specialized Workshops on the voice for the internationally-acclaimed Soccorsoclown non-profit Performing Arts Organization, and is a guest lecturer at John Cabot University in Rome on acting techniques and the use of sound tracks in epic movies set in Ancient Rome.


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