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ARKAI: New York at Yuletide
Live Concert

ARKAI: New York at Yuletide

Thu, December 17 8:00 PM, EST

Gather by the fireside with your loved ones for a holiday ARKAI extravaganza! Featuring the fearless percussionist Jeremy Smith, we'll be sharing some favorite tunes and new originals as we reflect upon our work this past year.


ARKAI Violin/Cello Duo

-- New York at Yuletide (feat. Jeremy Smith) --

ARKAI: Womp 'n Stomp
ARKAI: Shenadoah
ARKAI: Letters from COVID


Remember Shakti: Luki
Frigg: Patana Sunset
Jerry Douglas/Bela Fleck: The Lochs of Dread
Mike Block: Expression of Concern


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Jay Julio