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The Bridge Concert III (A Black History Month Concert)
Virtual Premiere Planetary Music

The Bridge Concert III (A Black History Month Concert)

Sun, February 28, 2021 3:30 PM, EST

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Andrew Egbuchiem Co-host

The Bridge Concert is a celebration of Black Music from Blacks in America and from Africa, bringing both worlds together whilst creating a platform where they can come together and celebrate their uniqueness. A Black history month concert that began in 2019, this will be the third edition of the concert.

Performing in this concert will be the Ebony Ensemble (Jasmine Thomas: Soprano, Andrew Egbuchiem; Countertenor, and Echezonachukwu Nduka: Piano) performing an array of African and African-American Art Songs, Spirituals, Jazz and Gospel.


Andrew Egbuchiem Countertenor
Jasmine Thomas Soprano
Echezonachukwu Nduka Piano

Joseph Cole: Poor wayfaring stranger (to Miss Marian Anderson)
Duke Ellington: Come Sunday
Traditional African American Spiritual: O when the saints go marching in
Florence B Price: My soul's been anchored in the lord
Charles Brown: A song without words
H.T. Burleigh: I don't feel no ways tired
Hall Johnson: Ride on king Jesus

--------------------- Intermission-----------------------------------------------

Joshua Uzoigwe - Uyaroma
Itunu Oyewale: Atewo (An African Dance for Piano) - World Premiere*
Ayo Bankole: Iya (Mother)
Ori mi (My destiny) - Alaba Akinselure
Fred Onovwerosuoke: Twenty-Four Studies in African Rhythms No’s. 3 & 6
Innocent Okechukwu: Ome n'ala (Our culture, Our heritage) - World Premiere*
Christian Onyeji: Ufie III, Ekele Diri Chineke.

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