Love and Liberation: Jazz with Jazzmeia Horn
Planetary Music Virtual Livestream

Love and Liberation: Jazz with Jazzmeia Horn


Sat, February 20, 2021 7:30 PM, EST

Part of the Celebrating Black Artistry series

Planetary Music M. Groupmuse Partner
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This is a livestreaming Groupmuse Virtual Concert

A live virtual performance with community videochat and a Q&A with the artists.


Witness Grammy-nominated vocalist Jazzmeia Horn converge the past, present, and future of the great American art form ~ Jazz. Cherish sounds inspired by the legends, and venture into new sonic landscapes through innovative original compositions.

Jazzmeia’s distinct sound and ingenious artistry “both breathe and bend jazz tradition, with tasteful touches of R&B and hip-hop, revealing a marked inventiveness and a love for a good melodic line that hints at what Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, or Nina Simone would have evolved into today.” During her Groupmuse debut, laud the love and liberation of Jazz with Jazzmeia Horn!

What's the music?

Jazzmeia Horn

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De'Siree N. Emcee
Angela M. W.
Dara H.
Lynne R.
Victoria M.
Tamara B. B.
Kelle J.
Brandon B.
Totep K.
Edward H.
CoCo S.
Angela Esmeralda P.
Mike H.
Layla S.
Nicole J.
Becka S.
Carly C.
Steve G.
Alice L.
Hamara H.
Autumn S.
Mariza C.
Joe M.
Jonathan H.
Dashaun L.
Abner G.
Dillon J.
Eric H.
Jacquelyn M.
Marghretta M.
David Slims G.
Edward M. M.
Howard S.
Robin D.
Decyo M.
Julie Thompson-Dobkin (She/Her)
Galo S.
Gaynor C.
Margo B.
Kathy C.
Janet S.
Luca S.
Jay J. (they/them)
Tomas B.
James R.
Jill C.
Annette W.
Coleman R.
Stella P.
Chaser C M.
Mark S.
Josh B.
Ernest W.
Elizabeth M.
Abby D.
Larry L.
Emily C.
Janice L.
Leah S.
Christian H.
Lee C.
Christos V.
Lisa L.
Shellie B.
Becky B.
Judith C.
Daniel R.
Mickey O.
David H.
H Daniel M.
Linda T.
Curt M.
Eugene G.
Tony G.
Alec L.
Sophia F.
Michael C.
Bob N.
Sylvia W.
Ben F.
Jan W.
Linda O.
Saralee P.
Amy G.
Deborah F.
Luke A.
Lisa C.
George E.
Beatrice Z.
Sharon B.
Janine B.
Francisca S.
Bernard H.
Sheila M.
Juakita B.
Allison S.
Danielle G.
Catherine D.
Norma Smith W.
Jay D.
Patrick W.
Patrick M.
Graham R.
Alison R.
Byrd L.
Kristin B.
Deborah M.

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