Max Tan and Friends: The Beethoven Sonata Cycle - Op. 23 & 24 (Little Spring)
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Max Tan and Friends: The Beethoven Sonata Cycle - Op. 23 & 24 (Little Spring)

New York City

Fri, March 26, 2021 7:00 PM, EDT

Part of the Max Tan and Friends: The Beethoven Sonata Cycle series

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A very humble Beethoven celebration continues! This is the third program of a 5-concert series spread out from January through May which will explore the entire Beethoven violin-piano sonata cycle. I will be joined by the impeccable Jinhee Park, a fellow Juilliard Doctoral colleague. As with previous events, this will be streamed in HD! I hope that you will join us for a program of spiritual fulfillment, delight, and triumph as we explore the sonatas number 4 and 5, Beethoven's Opus 23 and 24. This combination of two sonatas, originally intended to be together, begins in stormy A minor and ends with the pastoral F major (the fifth sonata is usually known as the "Little Spring" sonata).

The dates in this series are:
January 29 - Sonatas 1, 2, 3
February 19 - Sonatas 7, 8
March 26 - Sonatas 4, 5
May 14 - Sonatas 6, 9
May 21 - Sonata 10

I will be presenting other programs this spring, but this celebration of Beethoven is not to be missed! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay healthy and spirited,

What's the music?

Jinhee Park

Beethoven: Op. 23 and 24
Sonata No. 4 (Op. 23) in A Minor
Sonata No. 5 (Op. 24 No. 3) in F Major


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