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Jamaica Plain Chamber Music - Beethoven Bash Part 3 - Opus 130 and the Grosse Fugue
Virtual Premiere

Jamaica Plain Chamber Music - Beethoven Bash Part 3 - Opus 130 and the Grosse Fugue


Sat, June 5, 2021 7:30 PM, EDT

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The third and final installment of our Beethoven Bash! Opus 130 is a beautiful musical feast. The famous Cavatina was a particular favorite of Beethoven's - and everybody else's. The Grosse Fugue was the original last movement of Opus 130, but it was cut loose and replaced with something smaller and gentler. The debate rages as to how to perform these works. We will play Opus 130 with the "new" last movement, followed by the Grosse Fugue. As Stravinsky said, "the Grosse Fugue deserves to stand alone."

Performing are violinists Zenas Hsu and Kiyoshi Hiyashi, violist Daniel Orsen, and cellist Annie Jacobs-Perkins.


Beethoven String Quartet no. 13 in B-flat major, op. 130
​Beethoven Grosse Fugue for String Quartet, op. 133


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